Incidental Findings




Incidental Findings

By Lisa von Biela

Young lawyer Nikki Avalon is looking for a job. And she finds one at Garrett Law. Right out of the gate, she takes over an important product liability class action, replacing a lawyer who left the firm under mysterious circumstances. The case could launch her career—or it could cost her life.

Dirk Demerest grew Thor Wireless from a garage start-up to the worldwide leader in wireless technology. His latest product, the SignalBoss cell phone, uses ultra-powerful radio waves to get reception anywhere in the world. It’s an instant success, quickly replacing satellite phone technology and leapfrogging the competition. Volatile and unpredictable, Dirk does what it takes to protect his hard-won empire.

Jack Linden is one of the unlucky ones. After he falls and injures himself at work, his doctor discovers unusual neurological changes caused by the SignalBoss’ intense radio waves. The symptoms threaten to destroy his life—as well as the lives of other heavy SignalBoss users. Jack must decide whether to undergo dangerous experimental surgery to relieve his excruciating pain.

In her first big case, Nikki finds herself fighting battles on all fronts. Dirk Demerest will stop at nothing to kill the lawsuit. Garrett Law turns out to be a hotbed of hostility and lapsed ethics, a nightmare of a workplace. And a traumatic event from her past comes back to haunt her.

Will she win the case for Jack and the other victims?

Will she survive?

What you seek isn’t always what you’ll find…

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