In Flesh and Stone




In Flesh and Stone

By Hal Bodner

World-renowned painter Alex Restin seems to have everything: wealth, youth, a beautiful face, and an amazing body. Then his perfect life is shattered when his lover, Tony, is stricken by a mysterious illness which baffles medical science. Powerless to save the man he loves, Alex is caught in a maelstrom of conflicting, haunting emotions.

In desperation, Alex turns to the Zodiac Men—twelve statues of indescribable beauty which decorate the converted library building where he lives. Grief turns to obsession, and Alex is overwhelmed by his fantasies about the statues—dark fantasies, sexual fantasies—and soon, Alex will learn that some fantasies have a way of becoming reality.

Are the Zodiac Men his saviors, guiding him toward a reunion with Tony? Or is their purpose more sinister? Is there any way out, or will the virile, stunning young artist find himself forever trapped… between flesh and stone?

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