Imp: A Political Fantasia




Imp: A Political Fantasia

By Steven Paul Leiva


Thomas P. Powell’s ascension in politics was both unusual and yet very American. From traffic cop to Vice President of the United States, his climb up the ladder of public service was often due to the push of random acts and not-so-happy accidents—although Thomas held the opinion that it was due solely to his singular innate moral authority. What matters is what’s within, that’s the Powell political philosophy. Then, on the cusp of his grasping the last rung of the American political ladder, something truly within suddenly appears. A horrible homunculus, an impetuous imp, climbs out of Thomas’s right ear to bedevil his nights and confuse his days and take him on a crazy, wild, nauseating, and nuclear journey. It’s as if The West Wing was done as a Twilight Zone episode.

And you thought our last political nightmare was surreal.

“Perfectly sincere Thomas P. Powell’s proper life melts when he encounters a homunculus. Powell, the not-ready-to-be-president president, transforms into a character I wish I had written, and one I’d like to know personally. Steven Paul Leiva is a master wordsmith able to take on any genre, or blend them as in the case of IMP, A Political Fantasia. Once started, I couldn’t stop reading. The tale was just long enough, yet had me longing to read more of Leiva’s prose.” Zoommmmbizzt! I highly recommend this novel. — USA Today Bestselling author Jean Rabe

“Steven Paul Leiva is a very bad man. His version of US politics ‘Trumps’ anything the real world has to offer. Hell you thought the orange one was the only homunculus America had to worry about? You thought wrong. There’s always the nuclear option.” — Steven Savile, New York Times & USA TodayBestselling Author

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