I Do Terrible Things




I Do Terrible Things

By John Goodrich

Donna doesn’t know the old man with the sad face and yet there she is, beating him to death with a shovel. Is suppressed rage making her murder people in horrifying ways, or is she some sort of latent psychopath? She dreams of killing another man, and then another. The more people she kills, the more desperate she becomes to stop herself. Can she find the key and stop herself before she commits yet another gruesome murder?

I Do Terrible Things is a symphony of extreme horror. Goodrich masterfully draws the reader in and relentlessly turns the screws. Like a repeating melody, each chapter broadens and deepens the main character’s profound but subtle descent into madness and violence. By the time I had reached the grand guignol finale I felt as trapped in the tale as she did.” – Stephen Kozeniewsk, author of Braineater Jones

“John Goodrich will appeal to fans of Laird Barron, Mary SanGiovanni, and Peter Straub.” – Brian Keene

“What happened to the quiet and unassuming man I thought I knew? Something demented is brimming, hidden behind an unassuming, innocent smile that freezes into a rictus just below the surface. He’s serving up a seriously demented murder-rama thrillfest with a healthy dose of splatter. Death in the most insidious ways seem to fill every page. The pace, at times maddening, is handled skillfully, almost to the point of pain just before that wonderful release. I only hope someone this devastatingly disturbed is chained safely in his basement, his computer the only light.” – Monica O’Rourke, author of Suffer the Flesh

“John Goodrich’s new novel, I Do Terrible Things, proves his debut, Hag, was no fluke. Beginning with a terrifying and surreal premise, this story of a woman who’s a reluctant, but vicious killer in her dreams ramps up into a thrilling search for the truth that ends in a way that’d make the Greek tragedians wince. Trust me, once you start this one, you aren’t going to want to sleep until it’s finished.” – Bracken MacLeod, author of Come to Dust and 13 Views of the Suicide Woods

“Some of us don’t get a ‘cult fiction’ sense from our reads very often, but you’re likely to find it in John Goodrich. I Do Terrible Things offers up a meaty mix of Charles Willeford, John Skipp, and even Patricia Highsmith, all culminating into a nightmare of paranoia and crime that noir and horror fanatics will love. The results are unsettling, and at best, you’ll be left with a sense of displacement that even your doctor will only be able to shrug at. Get on this book.” – Larissa Glasser, author of F4

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