I Am Frankenstein




I Am Frankenstein

By C. Dean Andersson

I am Frankenstein. I awaken Nightmares. My truth is Terror made Flesh. Two hundred years ago, Mary Shelley told part of my story. Now hear the rest!

I am the Creature of Frankenstein. The Horror of my story is more terrifying than his. I know how it feels to be stripped of flesh. So, I did to Frankenstein what he did to me, cursed him with Immortality!

I am Katiasa. I traveled back in time to help Frankenstein create Life from Death. It was fun, mostly, until his Creature made me a monster, too.

I am Tzigane. I am not a monster. I am a Witch, a Vampire, the Mate of Dracula. Frankenstein and his Creature? Katiasa? Three interesting monsters. I spent time with them. Why? Spend time with them yourself. Read their book!

I am C. Dean Andersson. Warning: I AM FRANKENSTEIN’s editor wanted the book destroyed. Trouble is, Monsters don’t stay dead. They come back. Sometimes, they even try to tell jokes. And now, I AM FRANKENSTEIN has returned. Take its hand. It has things to show you. Have a nice scream.

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