I Am Dracula




I Am Dracula

By C. Dean Andersson

From the haunted Carpathian Mountains of darkest Transylvania, Dracula reveals the Secret History of Vampires, Witches, and blasphemous horror.

Told in his own words, here is the story of Dracula, a mortal warlord destined to become the Vampire King of the Undead.

You have been told many lies. Now learn the truth.

Welcome to Dracula’s world.

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“No vampire fan’s library is complete without a copy of C. Dean Andersson’s I Am Dracula. The author knows his subject thoroughly. We recommend I Am Dracula without reservation.” — Dr. Jeanne Youngson, President and Founder of The Count Dracula Fan Club

“Dean Andersson’s horror is always fearsome and up-front. His words cut like razor wire, and every punctuation mark is a drop of real blood.” — Graham Masterton

“The Heavy Metal of Fantasy adventure.” — Publishers Weekly

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