Hovey’s Deception




Hovey’s Deception

By Philip Ross

“You’ve been following the news about the Janos Czerny trial.”
“Sure. The Agency screwed up. You left your courier out to dry.”
“It does look that way.”
“You want me to believe that’s not what happened.”
“The Clincher in the trial – the evidence to prove the Czechs hadn’t just framed Czerny, with false documents – was Professor Hovey’s confession.”
“There is no doubt that the confession was genuine. Hovey had the identification code and recognition signals; he says he was assigned to the pickup by the CIA. He wasn’t.”
“So you say.”
“So I know. We never contracted Hovey.”
“Who did?”
“We’re hiring you to find out.”

Tom Talley is hired by the CIA to discover why Professor Lawrence Hovey, a man the agency never heard of, was sentenced to five years for espionage in Czechoslovakia and confessed to being a CIA agent.


“Considers serious ethical questions and is entertaining at the same time.” – The Boston Globe

“An American professor [is] jailed for espionage in Prague. He breaks down and confesses he was hired by the CIA. But the CIA does not know what he is talking about. Things get really complicated”. – The New York Times

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