Hornets & Others




Hornets & Others

By Al Sarrantonio

The things that live in the Earth… A haunted computer… A fragrant flower that signals the end of the human race… Billy the Kid’s killer beginnings–in the womb…

Here, then, are 17 remarkable horror stories by Stoker Award winner, World Fantasy, British Fantasy and International Horror Guild Award finalist Al Sarrantonio.

In Hornets and Others you’ll find a murderous jar of moonshine, a blood-red wind, a green face that commands carnage, a possessed coat that turns its wearer into a psychotic slasher. Plus two brand new stories, about a man made of glass and a horror beyond the stars!

Also the title story: the acclaimed novella “Hornets,” the very first tale in the Orangefield cycle, about the warmest Halloween ever, and the orange-and-black-striped insect that brings death to the town of Orangefield.

And much more…

Hornets and Others is a veritable feast from a practitioner of the art of modern horror who has been called “A true creative wonder. An artist.” (Horrorstruck magazine), “A very talented writer.” (The Washington Post), “A marvelous writer!” (Ed Bryant), “A writer of great stories!” (Raymond E. Feist)

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