Honor of the Dread Remora




Honor of the Dread Remora

By Aaron Rosenberg


Once, long ago, there was one Earth. It was said that many deities gazed down upon it protectively, and there was balance between them all. Then something went wrong. The balance shifted—toward darkness. Earth was shattered, her people destroyed, her remains scattered far and wide. But the gods survived the cataclysm. They scattered as well, each pursuing a fragment of their former domain. And, when they overtook those shards, the gods drew upon what power remained to them to restore their worshippers to life.

These new followers rose from dust and imperfect memory, for the gods too had been injured. Each claimed a new home, and a new life, and each thought itself—at least at first—to be the only Earth. All memory of their former world was lost, except vague memories of the gods who gave them new life. Then, one day, a single great event drew all their eyes to the stars—and beyond. And each of them felt a yearning. Something in them desired to be whole again, or at least to understand.

These are their stories.

These are The Tales of the Scattered Earth.


Aboard the former HMES Remora, now the pirate ship Dread Remora,Captain Nate Demming struggles to keep his crew focused on their mission. Tensions run high as they are forced to attack other ships to maintain their new identity, and a disgraced former officer’s grumbling begins to border on mutinous — and to gain support. When the Dread Remora earns the attention of a peacekeeping force — ships performing the same job the HMES Remora might have under other circumstances — can Demming keep his ship safe from dangers without and within and find a way to salvage his honor and that of his crew?

The second novel in the exciting space-opera saga of the Dread Remora!

THE HONOR OF THE DREAD REMORA is the fourth full length novel in the epic Scattered Earth saga, and the second in a series of swashbuckling adventures about the space-pirate ship the Dread Remora! Also available in the Dread Remora Cycle, THE BIRTH OF THE DREAD REMORA, and the novella CROSSED PATHS. Next in line is David Niall Wilson’s THE SECOND VEIL, and then Keith R. A. DeCandido’s GUILT IN INNOCENCE. Each author begins with their own world, their own culture, their own story…but there is something out there…something that will draw them altogether. Watch for more from these authors, as well as a brand new world and novel from award-winning author Melissa Scott in the summer of 2014.

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