Hidden Lake




Hidden Lake

By T. J. MacGregor

Detective Deirdre O’Malley thinks she’s got the best of both worlds in Hidden Lake. An old-fashioned, no-crime small town set right in the middle of busy Fort Lauderdale. But then there’s a murder. Anna Lemont is the first victim — a friend to most of Hidden Lake’s psychic community. Who’s the killer? Deirdre is wondering about a very competitive TV talk-show psychic. She is zeroing in on Anna’s philandering lover, a man with his own secrets. She is backing away from her former lover, a lieutenant on the police force. And Deirdre is talking, repeatedly, to Gary Lukas, Anna’s best friend, a psychic whose scientifically monitored out-of-body travels on the night of the murder landed him, almost indisputably, in the killer’s mind. Deirdre is a rational woman. But in this gripping novel of non-stop suspense, no one, not even a straight-thinking cop, can afford to doubt the validity of certain psychic phenomena. Not in Hidden Lake. Not when the killing continues.

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