Hex, Death & Rock ‘n’ Roll




Hex, Death & Rock ‘n’ Roll

A Quinn Matthews Haunting Mystery

By E. F. Watkins

Having barely survived a haunting in her own house, 30-something journalist Quinn Matthews has vowed never to get involved with the supernatural again. But her experiences awakened new psychic sensitivities that she can’t turn off. When she attends a performance by the rock group Mad Love, she witnesses a supposed accident that claims the life of a cameraman—except Quinn saw a shadowy figure commit the “crime.”

The band’s lead singer, Alan Bardot, asks Quinn to use her gifts to discover who has been trying to sabotage the band since its last tour. Soon, she finds herself entangled in the secrets, grudges and jealousies surrounding Mad Love. Are they really under a curse, as threatening messages have claimed? If someone is using occult means to get revenge, can Quinn find out who, why and how before she ends up a target herself? And finally, can her shaky relationship with her reporter boyfriend survive her spending so much time with a sexy rock star?

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