He Told Me To




He Told Me To

By Charles L. Grant

At first it seems like an ordinary street in an ordinary neighborhood. But kids sense there’s something different about Midnight Place. It’s nothing tangible—just an eerie sensation that won’t go away. Walk down the street, a street like Midnight Place, and all too soon the terror is real.

What’s happening to the teenagers in Ashford? Suddenly crimes are being committed by the nicest kids. Honor-roll students have become juvenile delinquents and petty criminals.

Sophomore Jo Latera is shocked by her friends’ actions. In her opinion the kids seem hypnotized—almost brainwashed. She is convinced that someone else is behind their bizarre, hostile behavior. But who could be responsible? Who could have such power?

Jo thinks she’ll find the answer on eerie Midnight Place. Will Jo be able to save her friends—or will she become a zombie, too?

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