Guns & Romances




Guns & Romances

Edited by Nerine Dorman & Carrie Clevenger

Greater dangers than mere alligators lurk in the swamps near the town of Bad Moon; a tough-as-nails bartender finds herself wondering whether she’ll make it past midnight on New Year’s Eve; and a vampire and hunter share a last dance with a gun named Felina. Guns & Romances collects eleven tales of lust, love and violence that cross genres and plunge you into a world of gunfights and action, where the shadows have teeth and love can mean forever – if you survive.

Work by:

Sara Taylor Woods
Michael Collins
Ackley Lewis
Alyssa Breck
Mav Skye
K Murphy Wilbanks
Sonya Clark
Elizabeth Myrddin
Amy Lee Burgess

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