Guardian Angels




Guardian Angels

by Joseph A. Citro

Joseph A. Citro takes us back to Antrim, Vermont, and the site of the ugliest event in the town’s history. When Sheila Crockett moves in with her 15-year old son, Will, and her new husband, they believe they have found the perfect house. They quickly repair ruined walls and doors, and sand the bloodstained floors. But pain and polish fail to completely disguise the lingering horror of the house’s past. Will realizes things are not as safe as they seem: locked doors open and close by themselves, footsteps echo in empty rooms, and he senses he’s being watched. He suspects the house is haunted, but soon realizes things are far worse. His family and everyone he knows begins to fall prey to unseen and menacing forces. Then the deaths begin.

When Eric Nolan, protagonist of Shadow Child, escapes from the local asylum and arrives in Antrim, Will and his family wonder if he will be their savior or the agent of their destruction. Events move relentlessly to a truly terrifying conclusion in this epic of mystery and supernatural suspense, first published in 1988.

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