Goodbye, My Little Ones


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Goodbye, My Little Ones

By Charles Hickey

The true story of a murderous mother and five innocent victims. With eight pages of photos Charles Hickey, Todd Lighty, and John O’Brien bring the story of a mother not fit for the title.

Waneta Hoyt’s first baby died. Then her second. Then her third. Nobody, including her husband, suspected Waneta Hoyt—or stopped her from having more babies. Then her fourth baby died. Then her fifth. And the famed medical expert declared they had died of sudden infant death syndrome and used them to support his theory that SIDS ran in families.

One man, however, did not accept the diagnosis. District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick set out to expose the truth about a crime hard to imagine. To do so meant convicting a woman who had won the hearts of all. And just disproving a doctor who had climbed to the top of his field with the help of little corpses.

Brace yourself for a true story of motherhood, medicine, and murder you will remember every time you hear a baby crying.

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