Gone to Where I Could Not Follow




Gone to Where I Could Not Follow

By Stephen Gresham

What could be deeper than love?

Faced with that question, Jessica Lovelia DeGresse suffers through haunted months in Nahollo Swamp as death and madness intrude upon her existence. On the point of abandoning her beloved cabin and returning to civilization, she finds salvation.

She meets Beauty, an ethereal girl whose wild, occult talent is the ability to create firstlings/deathlings, human-like objects she has the power to animate. But while Beauty temporarily prevents Jessica from losing contact with meaning, the always indifferent realm of Nahollo Swamp releases a precise fury in the form of “Lody,” a not fully human, actively evil entity determined to bring the firstling/deathlings under her control.

And one thing more: Lody wants Beauty as her own.

But Jessica is equally determined not to surrender the one being who has taught her what is deeper than love: contemplating the magic and wonder of existence.

Every dark corner of Nahollow Swamp is touched by this resonant struggle of goodness versus evil, and the outcome is hidden within the unknown.

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