Gifted Trust




Gifted Trust

By John Paul Allen

In the Fall of 1931, Max Belote kisses his wife good-bye as he promises to be home for supper. At the precise moment she anticipates his return he steps into the path of a train…

In 1977, convicted murderer Jeffrey Michael Roberts shares his final words, “The best time for me was just before the screaming stopped and their voices hit that pitch,” describing the unusual measures taken in his quest to perfect his soul…

In 2001, Edward Paine excelled as head coach at an alternative high school in Quinley, Texas. Few knew that he fought the embraces of a dark side compelling him to fulfill it’s evil desires…

Separated by seven decades, Max, Jeffrey, and Edward are connected through the power of Virago, whose indestructible evil manifests itself within each as it seeks domination of their souls.

John Paul Allen takes his readers into a world where death only delays the inevitable. A journey of one soul through three lives, Gifted trust lifts the reader to a new level of horror.

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