By Matthew Costello

In Matthew Costello’s classic horror novel, Wurm, a life from is raised from the ultimate depths, a creature that exists under near-alien conditions of intense heat, poison gasses, deadly… And when released, humanity learns that this twisted frorm of “life” is also the ultimate parasite. And in the end, even when it seems that the spread of this worm-like parasite has been stopped…we know it hasn’t.

Now five years later, in Garden, what was feared has turned into fact. The world is a changed place. Shorelines and open water, all strictly out of bounds, patrolled by soldiers who are ordered to shoot to kill. But yet the parasite continues to spread, to transform the humans it infects, to turn, Earth with a relentless spreading plague, the garden of Eden that is the planet from a garden…to a hell.

And now, with hopelessness replacing all hope, there is – perhaps – one last chance to stop it. And even that chance may be coming too late…

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