From The Dusklands




From the Dusklands

by Aaron Gudmunson

A man awakens to discover he had been granted godlike powers. Another contemplates the universe while on the edge of committing an unthinkable act. Teenagers discover something horrific washed up on a beach and decide to conduct a terrible experiment. A Midwestern barnyard becomes a battleground when the livestock turns the tables on their owners. A retired homicide detective haunted by his only unsolved case becomes obsessed with the killer’s final victim, while a troubled rock star emerges from a drug-fueled binge to discover everyone in the world seems to have disappeared. And, as anyone who has exacted it knows, revenge is a dish best served sweet. Twelve chilling tales of murder, mystique, and madness that can only come… From the Dusklands.

Stories included in this collection:
God or Something Like It
Live Surf
The Animals
The Word
Bell and Will: True Love Never Dies
An Autographed Poster of Claire Danes
The Glee Sphere
Reflex Arc
Not Delilah

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