From Ashes




From Ashes

By Sandy DeLuca

Angie’s battle with cancer is over, but her confrontation with evil has just begun. Memories of a woman, named Mariella Lewis, who lived and died years ago, begin to haunt to her. The two women have a dark and unsettling connection within the haunted halls and rooms of Stone County Hospital. Nurses there are not of this world and patients are trapped in eternal agony. Rituals to an ancient Goddess named Cerridwen take place within the hospital’s crumbling walls.

Gradually Mariella’s thoughts and deeds become stronger and a forgotten incident from Angie’s childhood intertwines with mounting terror. Cerridwen has brought Angie and Mariella together.

Cerridwen never forgets words whispered in innocence, or blood offerings she has received. She comes to claim Angie. Demons join the dark Goddess in her quest to possess yet another soul. Angie’s battle within the walls of Stone Country hospital have just begun and her suffering may be eternal?

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