Forever Will You Suffer




Forever Will You Suffer

By Gary Frank

Unsuspecting Rick Summers had simply gone to the cemetery to visit the graves of his mother and sister, killed in a car accident years earlier. He had the cabbie wait for him. But when he got back into the taxi, he didn’t have the same driver.

His new chauffeur was a re-animated corpse. And he was about to take a drive into hell.

The doors to hell open in the house of his ex-lover, Katarina, where he is delivered by his not-so-sweet smelling driver. Rick learns that Katarina is missing and has been recently plagued by a stalker. That’s just the beginning of the bad news. When the house changes right before their unbelieving eyes, taking them somewhen and somewhere else, a horrifying mystery begins to unfold.

At its heart is unrequited love. And Rick Summers. It seems that several lifetimes ago, Rick, then Thomas, spurned a woman named Abigail. Not a good idea. Because Abigail’s great at holding a grudge, some of her best friends are demons, and she’s dedicated to keeping a promise she made to Rick long, long ago.

“Forever will I remember; forever will you suffer.”

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