Footprints on a Desert Sea




Footprints on a Desert Sea

By J. Price Higgins

An intuitive pathologist discovers the terrifying secret behind a series of sudden deaths and realizes that the man she loves, the last male descendant of a genetically enhanced family, is the one person who can stop the horror that stalks Eden Oasis–and he’s marked for death.

Footprints in a Desert Sea is an occult thriller that brings the past into the present when legend leaps the chasm of myth and enters the realm of fact.

Legend says that in the year 2125, a corrupt pope and his ruthless consort set in motion an unholy plan of world conquest, then fled to a magnificent City of the Dead to escape the burgeoning chaos. There they still rest, waiting for one willing man to free them from their bondage of sleep. A fairy tale myth say the sages. Propagated by enemies of the Church to explain away the horrific devastation suffered during the years of The Great Annihilation. No man of God would devise such a plan. So, myth it remained until…

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