Flying for France




Flying for France

By Tim Champlin

By using an elixir purchased from a New Orleans voodoo queen, young teen Zane Rasmussen has recently returned to the twenty-first century after an accidental time-travel to 1849 Missouri where he shared three perilous adventures with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Zane’s friend, Conn Milgrew, wants to experiment with this potent tonic which transports him back to 1917 and the village of Lagnicourt, France where he arrives in time to rescue a pretty American visitor, Erin Waters, from four street bullies.

Thirty-year old Alan Lowe, an American volunteer in the French Lafayette Flying Corps, engages in aerial combat against the Germans, while an American civilian, Bill Heyward, tells of his recovery of a priceless Chaucer manuscript stolen from an English monastery.

Will teen Conn Milgrew make it home to the twenty-first century? Will he die in the Great War? Or will he live and be marooned in the past with the beautiful Erin Waters?

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