Fishermen Four




Fishermen Four

By Hugh B. Cave

The canoe trip to the Kekekabic country of Minnesota was to be the test. If Kim and Hawk, youthful sons of a veteran guide, could take the two city boys through the wilderness fishing and make a success of it, they would be established guides. It was the opportunity for which they had so fervently wished ever since their father disappeared after a plane crash in the northern woods.

Their charges, Porky and Peter, were about the age of their guides and amateurs at the game, but quick to learn. From Kim and Hawk they discovered everything about the country, especially the excitement, the adventure, and the great joy of fishing. They came to know what lure would tempt a bass in the misty morning, or how to boat a mighty muskallonge after a keen battle—also about a snoozing beginner’s luck with the biggest fightingest fish in the lake!

But fishing was not all the excitement these four unearthed, for they found themselves concerned with a mystery man, an underground passage, a serious accident that sent Kim hastily paddling along a wild and unfamiliar course for help, a strange “walking” fish and an important Discovery that brings the book to a bang-up end. Fishermen Four will appeal to anybody interested in the thrill of hooking fish and the exciting outdoor activities of four energetic boys.

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