First Salvo




First Salvo

By Charles D. Taylor


Following a catastrophe with the Block Island Ferry, an assassination in Turkey, and the collision of two ships in the Sea of Japan, American forces have only five days to stop a Soviet plot and the prevent start of World War III. Led by Admiral David Pratt, the Americans assemble two teams to strike at the Soviets in their own back yard. The first, a strike force team of Navy SEALS, has the task of infiltrating a base of Black Berets in Spitzbergen. The other, an effort led by Russian-speaking Henry Cobb, is to capture the head of the Strategic Rocket Forces of the Soviet Union. Only their combined efforts can win the day.

Filled with non-stop action on the land, air, and sea, death-defying escapes, and tension-filled submarine and carrier battles, First Salvo is a classic tale set against the backdrop of the Cold War era.


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