Final Impact




 Final Impact

By Yvonne Navarro

On the day after the last Thanksgiving holiday of the twentieth century, the world waits breathlessly for the Hubble Space Telescope to record pictures of the unprecedented impact of the rogue planet Millennium with Jupiter. Yet as the world waits, they finally learn the terrible truth: torn apart by Jupiter’s immense gravitational pull, the remains of Millennium are now hurtling unstoppably toward Earth. In the wake of the resulting panic are born both dangerous and honorable alliances: a greedy medical administrator and a brutal ex-convict; a narcissistic drug dealer and a murderous policewoman; a young man and the strange girlfriend whose life he struggles to save; an astronomer and his wife desperate for safety… and a small group of people in Chicago gifted with terrible foreknowledge and hidden skills, fated to unite in a battle for survival after the… FINAL IMPACT.

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