Fiddlesticks and Firestones




Fiddlesticks and Firestones

By Stephen Moore

Drippy Wendy Milligan – Fiddlesticks Milligan – is coming to stay! The girl is a wreck; a walking disaster! The last person in the whole wide world Billy and Mary want to see. Until, that is …

A strange parcel containing a magical Firestone turns up on their doorstep, and all three children find themselves catapulted into the mysterious, spellbound world of Murn. A magical world, but a land in desperate trouble!

Suddenly, it’s a race against time. It’s a race to stop the evil seaworm, Kacasath from poisoning Murn forever. A dangerous race to find the truth behind a mythical creature called, the Lynth. And Billy and Mary need all the help they can get …

Sequel to the highly acclaimed, Spilling the Magic.

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