By Stephen Moore

“Thomas, I’ve seen her again…the faerie! She’s in one of the gardens. At the back of Lesbury Terrace.”
Jenny Flynn was looking horribly serious again. “What? Oh, ha, ha, ha! Don’t make me laugh! A faerie at the bottom of a garden?”
“But it’s true, Thomas. It’s true…”

Do you believe in faeries? Dangerous, real live, flesh and blood faeries? Thomas Dobson doesn’t. When the local glassworks closes down and the workers lose their jobs he thinks it’s just bad luck. When developers move in and bulldoze his favourite playground, the garden allotments that are his dad’s pride and joy, he thinks it’s just one of those things. When people get hurt, go missing and worse, it’s just the way things are. It’s got nothing to do with silly faeries…

But what if he’s wrong? Maybe it’s time to start believing.

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