Faerie Punk




Faerie Punk

By Duncan McGeary

A story of coming home to a place you never knew existed.

The genius half Elve, half Dwarve inventor Joseph Tindermaker has died, leaving his inheritance inside his unbreakable Vault, which only his true heir can open. Iggy Sinclair, a punk bounty hunter unaware of his heritage, is approached for what seems to be a straightforward job: find Carter Tindermaker, the missing son of the great inventor.

Meanwhile, Grendor, the evil Ancient One, who was banished by the humans’ One God ten thousand years ago, has returned. He has infested an artificial intelligence and is intent on taking over both mankind and Faerie. All of Faerie must choose sides.

On a journey from Oregon to New York City, Iggy discovers that Faerie and the Mortal Realms exist side by side, and encounters Pixies and Trolls and Ogres…oh my! It is up to Iggy, along with his Changeling sister Kerrie, the half-Elve lawyer Maggie Cleeve, and the Ogre Chuck to make their way across a magical America to stop the Ancient One.

Part American Gods, part Wizard of Oz, part Kerouac, this an urban fantasy road trip through Faerie and Mortal Realms.

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