Eyes of the Virgin




Eyes of the Virgin

By Thomas F. Monteleone

The Prophecies

The eyes of the Virgin Mother gaze out of the piece of stained glass, their expression wise and protective. From time to time, the Virgin “blinks,” and words appear in the glass-cryptic prophecies which the Vatican decodes and discloses, carefully.

The Cabal

There are those outside the Church who believe that Mary’s words will lead them to untold wealth and earthly power. They have stolen the glass, but not the code needed to unlock the prophecies.

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

A bloody message scrawled by her dying sister pitches computer programmer Kate Harrison into a storm of conspiracies, assassinations, and espionage. Suspected of murdering her husband and her sister, Kate finds herself hunted by the police and the cabal alike. Can Kate’s few allies keep her safe from the unstoppable assassin on her trail long enough for her to find the stolen glass?

And what will she do with it once it is in her hands? Should anyone really know the future?

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