Essence of Amy and Others




Essence of Amy and Others

By William Rasmussen

In late winter of 1995, high school sweethearts Brad Richards and his newly-pregnant girlfriend, Amy Sulzer, are involved in a horrific car accident, leaving both of them in comas. When Brad awakens several months later, he is devastated to learn that his girlfriend passed away just hours earlier.

But did she really die? Or did some part of her refuse to enter the afterlife, a part that is now intent on plaguing Brad until it is finally satisfied. For almost a full generation, Brad and his young wife and family will face the wrath of Amy’s vengeful spirit.

Is there anything he can do to stop her deadly obsession? Or are Brad and his entire family destined to face Amy’s evil essence for the rest of their lives?

Also included in this collection: Pele’s Wrath, Cairns, and The Little People.

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