Elvis Speaks from Beyond the Grave




Elvis Speaks from Beyond the Grave

By Hans Holzer

Here is the evidence gathered by Professor Hanz Holzer from his six-month investigation to prove that the spirit of Elvis Presley survives in a world beyond.

“I am well, I am whole, I am here.” The voice of Elvis spoke through the medium of a New Jersey housewife as the late, great superstar’s stunned family looked on.

ELVIS PRESLEY SPEAKS is the most astonishing document ever published amidst the mass of memorabilia that has followed the passing of the King. It is the book that every Elvis fan will have to read.

In addition to Elvis, correspondence with other celebrity ghosts is covered. Chapters included are:

Elvis Speaks from the Beyond
Jean Harlow’s Restless Spirit
The Troubled Ghost of Carole Lombard
Hanging Out with the Late Barrymores
Mr. Belvedere’s Ghost, or Clifton Webb’s Longest Run
Marilyn Monroe’s Unfinished Business
The Ill-Fated Kennedys
June Havoc and the Colonial Ghosts
Telly Savalas’ Favorite Ghost
Elizabeth Taylor’s Ghostly Premonition
Elke Sommer’s Haunted Dream House
The Ghostly Presence of William Butler Yeats
Encountering Robert Louis Stevenson
Abraham Lincoln’s Terrible Secret

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