Duel at Gold Butte




Duel at Gold Butte

By Bill Pronzini


Drifter Jim Glencannon rode into Wild Horse where he encountered Clay Brewer. His old friend was fast losing cash to Jersey Jack Halacy’s traveling casino. Suspecting a fixed game, the two men challenged the dealer. Jim wound up in jail — and Brewer wound up dead.

Brewer’s wife Laurie and son Dale were torn with grief, and the local sheriff was eager to charge Glencannon with murder. Jim, however, strongly suspected Halacy’s boys of backshooting Brewer.

But Jersey Jack had a few tricks up his sleeve. First he set Glencannon up for another murder rap, then he kidnapped Laurie and Dale. Now Jim had to cut his way through an angry mob of townspeople before rescuing his friend’s wife and son.

Only then could he track down the Halacy gang at Gold Buttes and avenge two brutal killings.

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