Driven to Murder




Driven to Murder

Book III of the Rebecca Moore Mystery Series

By Judith Skillings

There aren’t many women in professional auto racing ? but that didn’t stop Rebecca Moore from joining driver Ian Browning’s pit crew. A former reporter and classic car restorer, Rebecca’s love of fast cars and mastery of all things automotive have enticed her to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the most famous track in the world. Working pit lane, her innate toughness shields her from the taunts and insults being tossed her way. But the bullet that whizzes past her head, shattering the windshield of the vintage race car in her care, can’t be as easily ignored ? nor can the body she finds in the cockpit the day before the race. Once again, Rebecca’s forced to uncover a killer. But the deadly secrets awaiting her ? the blind, vengeful hatred that spans decades ? threaten to make this high-speed lap Rebecca’s last.

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