Dregs of Society




Dregs of Society

By Michael Laimo

In 1999, Michael Laimo released his first short story collection, DEMONS, FREAKS, AND OTHER ABNORMALITIES. Filled with tales of monsters and ghostly entities, this collection revealed Laimo well on the brink of mastering supernatural horror fiction.

In this second collection, DREGS OF SOCIETY, we see a different side of Laimo, one filled with personal terrors that don’t rely on made-up monsters or other supernatural entities to frighten. Here, the horrors are quiet, discreet, born of human mind and soul. Psychological. The stories travel many roads: dark, light, simple, intricate, all laden with genuine frights. Not to be misunderstood: spooks do make an appearance, as evident in the Golden Eyes Trilogy, printed together here for the first time in one volume.

Do this: Sit back, relax if you can, and experience the dilemmas of Laimo’s characters. Prepare to encounter the DREGS OF SOCIETY.

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