Dragon Waking




Dragon Waking

By Craig Shaw Gardner

In Dragon Sleeping, bestselling author Craig Shaw Gardner began an unforgettable adventure that stretched from the everyday reality of 1967 to stunning vistas beyond the imagination where a mighty dragon slept, and two warring brothers struggled to control it. Now, the spellbinding saga of The Dragon Circle continues, Craig Shaw Gardner’s most ambitious and stunning work to date.

The people of Chestnut Circle know what it means to fight. The wizard brothers, Nunn and Obar, have brought them from their quiet suburban homes into a world of magnificent magic and devastating war. Now, with loyalties formed and friendships shattered, neighbors battle neighbors. And seventeen-year-old Nick Blake must once again shed blood for his friends and family.

But as they are all about to learn, the struggle between Nunn and Obar is no longer a simple choice between good and evil. There are many choices, each with its own consequences. And Nick Blake must fight to keep what he holds dear as everything he knows is torn apart. As the ultimate power stirs beneath him—the power that can cleanse the world with flame, and destroy them all.

The dragon has awakened.

Epic in scope, brilliant in its depth and originality, The Dragon Circle: Dragon Waking is a magnificent adventure that launches Craig Shaw Gardner into the front ranks of the fantasy field.

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