Dragon Island

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Dragon Island

By Shane Berryhill

DRAGON ISLAND is a dark, young adult fantasy that explores the dysfunctional relationships that often exist between nature and technology, and father and son. With action and cliffhangers galore moving the story along at a breakneck pace, DRAGON ISLAND combines elements of Japanese pop culture and mythology with the Western coming-of-age tale to create an adventure that will have both young and old racing through pages to read what happens next!


“Shane Berryhill gives Japanese mythology an action-packed, 21st century reboot with monsters, bigger monsters, and insanely big monsters!”  – Tom Angleberger, author of ‘The Strange Case of Origami Yoda’ and winner of the 2011 E.B. White Read Aloud and Dorothy Canfield Fisher Awards

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1 review for Dragon Island

  1. Darren Pulsford

    What at first seems just a crazy and wild ride for a teenager through an Island packed with one of every Manga and Daikaiju trope – replete with foolish quests, baddies that cheat and even some romance – turns out to be a very clever study of relationships.

    The boy and his father have a difficult relationship, played out across the travails of the beleaguered villagers, the mysterious mystics and the objects of various quests – as our hero battles to come to terms with his own identity, his own abilities and the coming of age of a very capable young man.

    Colourfully written – Dragon Island will appeal to ages from YA upwards with its evocative landscape, mad array of mythical creatures and well-crafted action.

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