Double, Double, Love and Trouble




Double, Double, Love and Trouble

By Sylvia Shults

Opposites attract — but sometimes it takes a while! Meet Selena Goode. She’s an herbalist, she runs a small museum in Salem, and she’s a practicing solitary Wiccan. She likes her life, quiet as it is. Then Brian Gottschalk comes barreling into it with the force of an Atlantic storm. He works for a ghost-hunting TV show, and he’s in Salem to find a story. He’s witty, charming … and a total jerk. Selena has no problem with ghosts. She does, however, have a problem with Big-City Brian. It will take all his charm, plus the silent advice of a caring ghost, to make Selena realize that maybe, big-city isn’t so bad after all. Both laugh-out-loud funny and edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, Double Double Love & Trouble is a sexy, humorous romp from an author at the top of her game. Let it cast its spell over you.

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