Digging Deep – A Novel of the O.C.L.T.




Digging Deep

A Novel of the O.C.L.T.

by Aaron Rosenberg

New York. City of millions. Home to the largest subway system in the world. Miles of tunnels stretch far underground, home themselves to a vast, displaced populace. But now someone—or something—is slaughtering these homeless. And anyone else foolish enough to venture underground.

And whatever it is, it is slowly rising toward the surface.

Can a young empath, a finicky professor, and a flighty linguist stop the threat before it spills out into the rest of the city?

Fans of Fringe, The X-Files, Supernatural and Grimm will love the adventures of the O.C.L.T., slam-packed with action, adventure, the occult, magical creatures and history, this series follows an elite group with special abilities and skills as they work behind the scenes to help keep the paranormal and the unnatural from endangering the world.

There are incidents and emergencies in the world that defy logical explanation, events that could be defined as abnormal, extraterrestrial, or simply otherworldly. Standard laws do not allow for such instances, nor are most officials or authorities trained to handle them. In recognition of these facts, one organization has been created that can. Assembled by a loose international coalition, their mission is to deal with these situations using diplomacy, guile, force, and strategy as necessary. They shield the rest of the world from their own actions, and clean up the messes left in their wake. They are our protection, our guide, our sword, and our voice, all rolled into one.

They are O.C.L.T.

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