Devil’s Domain




Devil’s Domain

By Tim Champlin

There is a reason the Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia is called a hell on earth. It’s the year 1862, and more than 30,000 Union prisoners are jammed inside the stockade. Starvation, disease, and death are constant. Bodies are carried outside the walls each morning for burial in trenches.

Union Sergeant John Mulroy knows he’ll die if he doesn’t find a way to escape before he becomes too weak to make the attempt. Faking his own death, he lies down among the corpses. His ruse is detected by teenage guard, Cal Blackwood, who helps him escape being buried alive. Mulroy thinks he’s found an ally, but young Blackwood is both diseased and deranged and is plotting his own escape from a brutal master. He has plans of his own, and they don’t include Mulroy’s safety.

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