DEUS-X: The Reality Conspiracy




DEUS-X: The Reality Conspiracy

By Joseph A. Citro

This finely crafted tour de force is Joseph A. Citro’s most ambitious, irreverent and unusual work to date. Sometimes violent, sometimes elegant, DEUS-X is an electrifying excursion into spiritual terror, blending classic elements of occult horror with nightmarish contemporary themes.

Beginning as a mystery, we witness two seemingly unrelated events; in a secret California government installation, a political prisoner is grotesquely executed: and on the East Coast an elderly Vermont farmer vanishes, victim of an otherworldly abduction.

Three amateur investigators–a psychologist, a physicist, and a priest–join forces, sharing divergent world views to discover the relationship among the two dissimilar events.

Stalked by a murderous psychopath bent on stopping them, they encounter UFO’s, bizarre religious phenomena, multiple personalities, and overwhelming psychic violence. They are drawn inexorably forward through the Gothic halls of a Canadian hospital for elderly and demented priests to the locked chambers of a covert American repository for space age weaponry where they uncover the most sinister application of computer technology since Kubrick’s 2001.

The trio’s efforts ignite a chain reaction of unrelenting terror that eventually explodes like a nuclear bomb!

In the devastating climax, we join the characters as they confront an undreamed of physical and philosophical menace that threatens to destroy every notion about good and evil, illuminate the fragile nature of reality, and ultimately subjugate all mankind.


The full spectrum of Joseph A. Citro’s wild talents as a master storyteller are beautifully displayed in DEUS-X. He guides us into a world that’s comfortably familiar, yet oddly alien, a world where you can believe your feet are safely under you until something shifts … and suddenly nothing is as it seems. Imagination, style and intelligence merge perfectly to make DEUS-X as unforgettable as it is entertaining. This superbly literate novel is guaranteed to quicken your pulse, shatter your sleep, and turn all your cherished beliefs upside down. Included in this edition are many illustrations by Stephen R. Bissette.

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