Delightful Agony




Delighful Agony

By David Whitman

13 blood-soaked tales of terror.

“A Better World” : A man, after a sexual encounter with the graveyard ghost of his dead lover, inherits an extremely unusual infant.

“A Momentary Thing” : In this surreal and violent TWILIGHT ZONE homage, two strangers find themselves trapped in an elevator that opens up into a violent alternate reality.

“Except for Ophelia” : Ian and Ophelia, two supernatural creatures, find themselves hunted down by the local townsfolk after a visit to a carnival turns into a blood-splattered fight for survival.

“Family Plotting” : Fred enlists the help of his estranged and twisted mafia family to help him hide the body of a woman he has accidentally killed. Could this opportunity be used to finally do away with Dad?

“Undenied” : In this story, inspired by Bradbury’s SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, two twelve year old boys try to discover why a mysterious man visits his wife’s mausoleum every evening. What they find out will change their lives forever.

“Feeling Alive” : Two serial killers team up on the night of the supposed Apocalypse.

“They All Dream About Them Here” : A man finds himself the cell-mate of a mentally challenged prisoner named Rabbit. Only Rabbit seems to know why dreams and reality have somehow merged together.

“Rosahella’s Footprints” : Edward Covington follows his dead daughter’s spectral footprints through the snow and into the wilderness.

“Some Of Us Are Looking at the Stars” : A soldier is sent to an obscure outpost in deep space with orders to kill his now insane war friend Sydney Vale in this science fiction retelling of APOCALYPSE NOW and HEART OF DARKNESS.

“The Dark Reality of Bannen Wilde” : A woman encounters a frightening being on a subway train that has the ability to travel into different worlds.

“Standing Betwixt Worlds in Delightful Agony” : A disfigured self-mutilator believes he can see threatening creatures from another world by causing himself pain in this tale of modern trepanning.

“Feeling Katherine” : A serial killer falls in love with his victim in this surreal and blood splattered horror tale.

“With Quiet Violence” : On a getaway into the Pennsylvania woods, a man finds the frozen body of his dead little girl standing in snow outside his cabin door.

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