Deep-Fried Homicide




Deep-Fried Homicide

By Patricia Lee Macomber

Rick’s Diner is owned and run by four long-time friends, Rick, Rachel, Logan and Macy. It’s a dream life for them, until a mystery comes along. That’s when Rachel’s sleuthing senses kick in, and when that happens, all heck breaks loose.

Laurel Falls is a sleepy little town in rural North Carolina. New folks have come to town, including Diane, the diner’s newest waitress. Grave robbers have moved in and to make matters worse, a dead body has turned up.

Rachel is in the thick of it and she’ll solve these mysteries if it kills her. Except that she can’t track down the mysterious Mike and now she’s being followed. Can she get to the bottom of the graveyard doings? Or find Mike? Or solve the murder? Maybe all these things are linked. Rachel isn’t sure about any of it, but she does know that she’s pushed Rick too far.

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