DR4 Death on the Move




Death on the Move

By Bill Crider

Someone in Blacklin County, Texas, is being disrespectful of the dead, and Sheriff Dan Rhodes must put a stop to it.

First, there’s the matter of the bodies at Ballinger’s Funeral Home and the apparent misplacing of their valuables; the bereaved are beside themselves. There’d best be immediate action or the bell could toll again, this time for Sheriff Dan’s reputation as the guardian of justice and decency in these parts.

As if that weren’t enough to contend with, yet another body tumbles into Sheriff Dan’s path—out of a closet this time, and trussed up in most unsavory fashion. More disrespect, but obviously a separate case from the funeral home. Or is it?

Meanwhile, with Hack Jensen and his sidekick Lawton (more comic than cop team) minding the jail, thank heavens there’s Deputy Ruth Grady for backup. On the personal front, his fiancée, Ivy Daniel, is supportive as always, but a mystery rears its perplexing head here as well—namely, will Sheriff Dan propose or will he not?

Tough questions on every side, and guess who’s expected to come up with the answers before he gets carried away by Death On the Move?

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