Death at High Tide




Death at High Tide

By Beth Sherman

Oceanside Heights Becomes Hollywood By The Sea

In the quaint New Jersey seaside town of Ocean Heights, freelance ghostwriter Anne Hardaway is frustrated by her latest assignment: a tell-all autobiography of Mallory Loving, the former local sexpot who has made it big in movies. Even though Mallory’s new film is being shot in town, Anne finds that her high-profile subject is a first-class prima donna. And Anne isn’t the only one having a hard time with the ego-driven star.

But Murder Wasn’t In The Script

Treating the film’s crew, cast, locals and her husband like personal minions, Mallory is a woman whose popularity, like her career, is on the wane. As several accidents delay shooting, a series of threatening letters from a deranged fan unsettle the star’s fragile nerves. In the midst of the turmoil, the actress disappears-only to resurface as a corpse. Though the police rule the death as an accident, Anne suspects murder. Using the biography as her calling card, Anne begins an investigation into Mallory’s murder to determine which suspect is only “acting” innocent.

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