Deadly Vengeance




Deadly Vengeance

By Stephen R. George


Alan’s father and mother hoped that looking after Cobalt, a rescued Husky cross, would bring ten-year-old Alan out of himself, help him to overcome his grief at the death of his brother Will a year earlier. But Alan is hiding a terrible secret about Will’s death. It was no accident. Those responsible have bullied and terrorized him for a year. Alan has had nowhere to turn, nowhere to run. Until now.


Cobalt is no ordinary dog. He seems to reflect and channel the emotions of those around him. When Alan is afraid the dog becomes aggressive. When Alan is angry the dog seems larger. And when Alan is bullied to the point of breaking, Cobalt becomes something else. No longer just a dog, he is the embodiment of his master’s anger, hatred, and fear. He knows Alan’s secrets. He knows Alan’s pain. And he knows what to do, and who to hurt … to make it stop.

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