Deadly Interest




Deadly Interest

By Julie Hyzy

Reeling from a public humiliation by her former lover, Alex St. James returns home to find that her elderly neighbor has been murdered. Alex also discovers that the spunky old lady had been secretly looking into her bank’s lending practices. Drawn into the murder investigation, Alex uses her connections at Midwest Focus News Magazine to help the police find the killer but, before long, finds herself being stalked by a vicious ex-con. Even after suffering a brutal attack, Alex refuses to back off, and she subsequently uncovers a shocking secret that had been buried long ago.

Alex is juggling several personal matters as well: an extended visit from her handicapped sister; and love-life issues involving two attractive men, one of whom may just have the power to mend Alex’s bruised ego.

After a key player in the investigation is found murdered, Alex is determined to untangle the web of lies spun by those around her, and is soon poised to expose the truth. That is, until she finds herself alone with the killer, a formidable foe with a Deadly Interest in her future.


“Romantic suspense, murder, and the backstage intrigue of cutthroat TV journalism. Deadly Interest gets my highest Nielsen Rating. You’re gonna have fun rooting for Alex St. James.” – Parnell Hall, author of YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN PUZZLED.

“In Deadly Interest, Julie Hyzy balances her smart, tough heroine, Alex St. James, with fast-paced financial hijinks, and it all adds up to a blistering good read. Invest your time with Hyzy. This book pays off with interest!” – Christine Kling, author of BITTER END

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