Dead End




Dead End

Book I of the Rebecca Moore Mystery Series

By Judith Skillings

Rebecca Moore has had more than her fill of dead men ?

The first, her lover David, took his own life in her bedroom just outside of Washington, D.C. ? a totally senseless act of violence that causes a severely shaken Rebecca to quit her job as an investigative journalist and flee to rural Maryland to run her late Uncle Walt’s classic automobile restoration shop. Out here she faces a very different strain of rampant craziness ? not to mention a motley collection of potentially dangerous, allegedly reformed ex-convict employees she’s inherited. As she tries to settle in, a second male corpse surfaces, murdered and stuffed into a glass beading machine on the shop floor, where it has no earthly right or reason to be. Now, with a sexy cop who’s more interested in her than in the case, and with more death in the offing, Rebecca Moore is going to have to resort to what she does best: find the facts, finger a culprit ? and somehow stay alive.

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