Dawn’s Uncertain Light




Dawn’s Uncertain Light

By Neal Barrett, Jr.

After The Fall … America’s Great Dream is over. Centuries ago it was devastated by the ultimate war. The effects still linger. Food is scarce, water even scarcer and human compassion nowhere to be found. Even so, society is slowly rebuilding itself. But is it a society whose thirst for success is built on an enormous, barbaric lie.

Silver Island … an almost legendary place to most Americans. The citadel where the government is building a new and better nation from the ashes of the war-ravaged land. Everyone envies the few children who are chosen to be sent to Silver Island to help realize that dream. At least, that’s what Howie Ryder was told when his little sister became one of the Chosen. And that’s what he believed before the soldiers slaughtered his parents. Six years on, Howie has discovered the horrifying truth about Silver Island. And will do anything — anything — to rescue his sister from its grip…

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