Date Night




Date Night

A Gruesome Brew of Short Stories

S. A. Stolinsky

Plot the murder, find the tape, squeeze the chiseler for all he’s worth, but remember, you’re the one who accepted the date.

Noir, contemporary, horror and just plain murder, DATE NIGHT, is a short story collection of the people we meet and the unforeseen dangers we find ourselves caught up in.

From delusions, to fantasy, to the remarkable push to make something happen that cannot happen, we are always hopeful, forward looking, and trusting that we have control. Sometimes we might, but sometimes we don’t.

Each story represents a way we try to control our lives, our environment and our destiny. What we really control is the freedom to tell each other stories of our lives.

Stories included in this collection:
Date Night
The Executioner
Somebody Ate My Dog
Oh, Come Right In
Gambling Man
The Day I Killed Lemare
Drunk Again
The Box Man

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